Community leaders have joined together to create change and solve to the world's hardest problems. Will YOU join them in creating change? Will YOU be a part of the next scientific breakthrough at SR? To learn more about our 2018 Change Agents and to support their efforts, click on their pictures below.

Turner Burton

Marcus Chatterton

Bart Crawford

James Childs

Jonathan Geisen

William Culpepper 

Key Foster

Miller Girvin

Lynn Darty

Raymond Harbert Jr.

Natalie Kelly

John Fallis

Rosa Hooper

Beeland Nielsen

David Perry

Blair King

Elizabeth Scribner

David Powell

Robert Maddox

 Michael Stone

Mitesh Shah

Virginia Markstein

Will Wright

India Vincent

Chris McCauley

Jon Vogel

Shon Thurman

Taylor Peake

At Southern Research, our passion is driven by the relentless pursuit of hope: Hope that we will find a cure. Hope that we will create a cleaner, greener Earth. Hope that our dedicated team of researchers will drive progress, save lives, and change the world. Each gift brings us one step closer to changing the world.  

Help build hope and create change, today, by clicking on a Change Agent above and making a gift, then share it with your friends and colleagues! 

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