It starts with a cell. Just one out of the 37 trillion in your body. That’s all it takes. Cancer doesn’t fight fair. But we fight back.

Southern Research’s cancer program launched over 70 years ago with the generosity of one person. Since then, we have been a proud ally in the fight against cancer. Our team of researchers have saved countless lives by developing critical cancer-fighting chemotherapy techniques, discovering seven FDA-approved anticancer drugs, and evaluating half of the cancer drugs on today’s market.

Like that one cell out of the 37 trillion in your body, all it takes is one person out of the 7.6 billion in the world to make a difference, to make a change. Join us in creating change together and being part of the solution- the cure- from the very beginning.

2018 Change Agents

Turner Burton James Childs Key Foster Rosa Hooper Raymond Harbert Jr.
Blair King Robert Maddox Virginia Markstein Chris McCauley Shon Thurman
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