The shirt you’re wearing, the tires on your car, the plastic water bottle at your desk — most of the products you use every day are made from raw materials linked to crude oil. That’s why our researchers are focusing on developing new processes that use other raw materials, such as sugar from plants, to produce the same chemicals and products, replacing crude oil with cost-efficient and earth-sufficient solutions.

Just as our “green chemistry” solutions need catalysts, your gift is the spark we need to continue developing these sustainable solutions. A contribution to the Change Campaign would allow our researchers to continue developing cleaner ways to make useful products –one that also creates jobs and drives economic development throughout the world.

Join us as we develop cost-efficient, environmentally friendly processes that can deliver a more sustainable tomorrow.

2018 Change Agents

Marcus Chatterton Jonathan Geisen Miller Girvin Natalie Kelly Beeland Nielsen
Elizabeth Scribner Michael Stone Will Wright    
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